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Function: noun

Inflected Form(s): plural ro·de·os

Etymology: Spanish, from rodear to surround, from rueda wheel, from Latin rota

Date: 1834



Back on Track


Rodeo Terminology

Mash Up – When a cowboy clamps with his legs and has no spurring motion.Scooter – This is an animal that pivots on the front feet and scoots the back end around, instead of pivoting on the front feet and kicking the hind feet. Spinner – Describes a bull that tends to come out of the chute and spins to the left or right.

Timers – This is the person responsible for marking a contestant’s time for each timed event. There must be at least two timers who agree on each contestant’s time for calf roping, team roping, steer wrestling, and barrel racing. The timers are
also responsible for marking the eight seconds during the saddle or bareback bronc, and bull riding events.

Chuck Wagon – The cooking and supply wagon used by ranch cooks during roundups and cattle drives.Cattle Drive – The movement of a herd of cattle from ranches and grazing lands to the railroad lines for shipment to meat-packing plants..

Cross Fire – The team is disqualified if the heeler tosses his rope before the header has changed the direction of the steer and has the animal moving forward.Cutting Horse – A ranch horse specially trained to single out (or “cut”) a steer or horse from a herd.