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Function: noun

Inflected Form(s): plural ro·de·os

Etymology: Spanish, from rodear to surround, from rueda wheel, from Latin rota

Date: 1834



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Rodeo Terminology

Rodeo Terminology

Hobbles – Restraints that fasten around a horse’s front legs below the ankle. Hobbles are designed to keep a horse from running off while the cowboy is out of the saddle.

Hollihan – Flipping the steer over end-over-end.

Jerky – Strips of dried meat that could be stored for long periods. No refrigeration is needed.

Lap and Tap – No barrier is used.

Lariat – A braided rope used by cowboys.

Boot the Bull – A term used to mean that a particular bull can be spurred. Bull riders are not required to spur their animals but, if they can, they earn extra points.